The WILD Ones

Coming up on 3 December at The Front Cafe Gallery in Lyneham: Genre-Crossing Mayhem !

I will be reading with Canberra Critics Circle award-winning novella-ist Nigel Featherstone, Allen and Unwin novelist Karen Viggers, (Rebecca James was originally on the bill but had to withdraw so Karen has kindly stepped in in her stead) and political thriller writer Paul Daley. In a very non-boring manner. Which is why the event is called THE WILD ONES. Plus there will be music from the talented Chris Endrey.

Fun starts at 6pm. Does what it says on the tin.┬áIt will all be over by 8pm – In fact I am very excited to discover we will be curtain-raising for Jackie Luke and her hammered dulcimer – now THAT sound TOTES wild.

Also, the lovely people at Electric Shadows Bookshop will be there to provide copies of books for purchase, should you be so incredibly moved by what you hear that you simply must have one (or several) of your very own.

Image of The Wild Ones promotional poster

Really Not Boring At All