A foot in both camps

On 1 September I had poems published simultaneously in Cordite Poetry Review (Issue 43: Masque) and Quadrant Magazine.

Cordite Issue 43: Masque

Cordite Issue 43: Masque

September 2013 Quadrant Magazine Cover

September 2013 Quadrant Magazine Cover








(Here is a link to ‘Gora‘ in Cordite; in order to read ‘Bondi Sketches‘ in Quadrant you need to be a subscriber).

Given the very different readerships of these two publications, I wonder if that means I should be feeling very…versatile ?…schizophrenic?..Perhaps I should settle for just plain happy to be reaching a wider audience. And also chuffed to be on the front cover of Quadrant, and name-checked in the Masque editorial with a multi-stanza quote from my poem. Very happy with that.

Poems in October Quadrant including an autism one

I am stoked to have three poems in October Quadrant Magazine. And (in case you were wondering) I do just read it for the poetry. And because the poetry editor is Les Murray, and he publishes my stuff, and I am proud that a truly great poet like Les Murray reads, likes and wants to print my poems (sorry if that seems a little defensive, I’ve just been at a poetry conference where it was made clear to me that publishing in Quadrant was a bad career move because it espouses the wrong kind of politics. I knew that already, but the naive artiste in me resents anything other than poetic criteria being applied to my output – or anyone’s output). Anyhoo…

Once upon a time on a happy occasion like this I would come to my blog and provide a link to the poem(s) on Quadrant Online. Alas, Quadrant Online is now behind a paywall, so this is no longer possible. If you would like to read my poems without going looking for the hard copy magazine, however, here they are:

That’s all for now – I will be blogging soon about the recent Australian Poetry Symposium at Newcastle (when I can summon the energy) so look out for that.  Til then, yours in naivete – M

PS Did I mention I am listed ON THE FRONT COVER next to Alan Gould, Jan Owen and John Whitworth? *happy dance*

Roadside memorials

Picture of roadside memorial

‘another kind of road sign, small but clear’

Roadside memorials

Another kind of road sign, small but clear,
these plywood crosses twined with plastic flowers
– and every Monday more of them appear.

Stop and listen closely: you can hear
the screeching to a halt of days and hours.
Another kind of road sign, small but clear.

Tied to a wheel that can no longer steer,
a tattered photo weathers sun and showers
– and every Monday more of them appear.

The best mate sometimes visits with a beer
and sits and chats, observed by puzzled cows.
Another kind of road sign, small but clear.

The younger cousins bring a teddy bear;
pull up the weeds and add some lego towers.
And every Monday more of them appear.

‘It’s easier to feel him with us here,
the last place that he saw while he was ours’.
Another kind of road sign, small but clear.
And every Monday more of them appear.

(c) Melinda Smith 2011

Published in Quadrant Magazine October 2011



Information wants to be free

Tell me
Tell the priest
Pent up. Repent. Released

We the jury have found
Tell a hole in the ground
Tell yourself

Stow the strongbox on the highest shelf
I won’t breathe a word
Tell a little bird

Tell one person at a time
Victim, weapon, motive, crime
Guilt by association

Tell the whole congregation
Tell Big Brother
Beg forgiveness from each other

When push comes to shove
Tell the one you love
Tell whoever’s in control

I promise not to tell a soul

(c) Melinda Smith 2011

Published in Quadrant Magazine, October 2011