Who, me?  I’m an ex-lawyer, ex-public servant, ex-tea maiden, ex-PhD student in Japanese history, a poet and a mother of two.

My name is also an anagram of Dismantle Him.  Read into that what you will.  Go find your own anagram here.

Why ‘Mull ‘n’ Fiddle’?  I owe this to my fellow-poets Martin Dolan, Suzanne Edgar and Michael Thorley.*  The four of us meet and critique each other’s work once a month or so at a secret location which we have christened ‘the Mull ‘n’ Fiddle’  – because we mull over and fiddle with poems when we are there.  This blog is an online extension of that enterprise. 

*Incidentally we all have books out with Ginninderra Press  – Martin’s is Clouds and Edges, Suzanne’s is The Painted Lady, and Michael’s is  Sleeping Alone.  For a free taster, you can check out some of Suzanne’s and Michael’s work on the poempig blog.  Michael also publishes in Stylus Poetry Journal and Suzanne in Quadrant magazine.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Melinda.

    This is Lyndon Storey here, you gave me the address for this site at the ACT Writers Centre Spring Poetry Festival on Friday night (Nov 13 2009).

    There are some poems on this site I really enjoyed, such as “Wheels” and the “Belconnen Haku” (I used to live in Belconnen).

    I’m also leaving a comment because I thought you might be unable to read the scrawled note I gave you at the Poetry Festival with the location of a site with some information about my writing on political philosophy.:

    The complete address of that site is http://www.humanityorsovereignty.com

    I can’t see a way to contact you directly here so I am putting the site information in this comment.
    (hope that’s okay)

    Anyhow all the best, and congratulations on some excellent poems here.

  2. Melinda,

    Thanks for the anagram site, which I have now explored with amusement. Of the anagrams of my name I like Smooth Reggae, which is about as cool and as unlike me as it is possible to be.

    I’m looking forward to reading your latest collection.

    I have to ask, and I hope you will enlighten us all here: what is a tea-maiden?

    George Thomas

    • Dear Smooth Reggae
      A tea-maiden is a female ‘front of house’ worker at a tea-rooms, that most English of English places of refreshment. My particular place of employ was The Orchard at Grantchester, near Cambridge.Well known haunt of Rupert Brooke, Virginia Woolf, the Apostles – and (in 1997) me ;-). Sorry the answer could not be more salacious, but there it us.

  3. Hi Melinda, my name is Carolyn Martin, I am a parent of a young ASD adult. I am organizing the 2014 Hong Kong Inaugural ASD Conference ( http://esfeducation.com/asd-conference-2014/ ). Our keynote speakers are Dr. Tony Attwood & Dr. Isabelle Hénault. I was moved by your poem ” I Prefer ” on Tony’s site. I am compiling delegate packs for the attendees (210) and wish to include a poem from an ASD individual. I would like your permission to use and print your poem for the packs. I believe that your poem will give insight to the professionals and parents attending our conference. We are collating the delegate packs on March 27th. I look forward to your reply.
    Carolyn Martin

  4. Hi Melinda
    I thought I would let you know how much I enjoyed your book “drag down to Unlock or place an emergency call”
    Nice work!
    I live in Nashdale and I pass the red Cherries for sale sign EVERY DAY and I think of your Drive To Orange on the Cargo road poem as a result.
    This is a good thing!

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