Possets on Poetica

Just re-posting this information, as I now have a definite date for the broadcast:

Another poem of mine will be read out on ABC Radio National’s Poetica program on the Saturday after next (November 9, 2013).  More information about the broadcast is available here. I am feeling very lucky as this is the second time this year I have been Poetica-ed (read about the first time here).



This time my poem, called ‘Possets’ is actually two linked haiku, so it should take up all of 15 seconds of airtime.  It appeared earlier this year in an anthology called Women’s Work, and Poetica will be featuring the book on their program. (You may remember my post about the Women’s Work anthology launch in March 2013. I must give a shout out to Moya Pacey (the poet who Freudian-slipped the word ‘shagging’ into her poem ‘Smalls’ when reading it out at the launch)  as her poem will also be featuring on the Poetica program. Unfortunately without the Freudian slip this time…)

As for my own tiny little poem, it explores two sides of being a modern mother – working ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ the home – and shows that neither is an unmitigated festival of fabulousness. This is (I think) why it was originally selected for the ‘Women’s Work’ book.

Anyway, if you are free on Saturday 9th Nov at 3pm (or the following Thursday 14th Nov at 9pm) why not tune in ? Alternatively, for about a month after the broadcast, you can pop over to the Poetica home page and listen online or download the podcast. Enjoy.

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