Inkerman and Blunt’s Australian Love Poems 2013

ALP_coverA quick post to celebrate the recent launch of Australian Love Poems 2013 (from new publisher Inkerman & Blunt; edited by the Montreal-prize-winning Mark Tredinnick).

The book (an anthology of 200 new poems on the theme of love by Australian poets) was launched at the Byron Bay Writers’ Festival a few days ago. Here is a write-up of how the launch went – a sell-out apparently (in a good way), and here are some photographs of it.

I should declare an interest – I have a small (tiny) poem in it, as do several of my poet-friends such as Suzanne Edgar, Michael Thorley, John Foulcher, Geoff Page, Alan Gould, Lizz Murphy, Russell Erwin, and Helen Thurloe, to name just a few. Michael Thorley was among the poets who read at the launch.

Despite my ulterior motive, you can trust me when I say I do recommend a thumb-through. The poems in the book are extremely varied in style and form, and explore love in all its phases and moods. Some of the poems contain adult themes, some are hilarious, some are poignant, some are quietly luminous and some are just blow-the-top-off-your-head wonderful. It is a book full of surprises, discoveries, insights, and bewilderments. There really is something in here for everyone.

And if you were keen to hear some readings from the book, it’s not too late. While Byron Bay was the first outing, there will be a number of launch events around the country over the next few months. The next launch is in Melbourne on August 14. I even heard a rumour last night of a possible Canberra launch in September, which would be lots of fun. Watch this space.


One thought on “Inkerman and Blunt’s Australian Love Poems 2013

  1. That’s terrific Melinda. I never could write about love, which explains my being the only Australian poet not included…if there’s a Canberra launch I’ll lurk around the back looking tough and cynical…(-:

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