Reading at Manning Clark House in November 2013


I am delighted to have been invited to read my poems at Manning Clark House later this year. The reading will be on Wednesday 6th November at 5.30 for 6pm. Wine and nibbles will be laid on, and of course you can buy my books if the mood takes you.

Manning Clark House is at 11 Tasmania Circle, Forrest (in Canberra’s South). It is indeed the last home of Manning and Dymphna Clark, and is now operating as a museum, library, and working, meeting and exhibition space for writers, artists, historians and other academics. Find out more about MCH here.

I will be one of three featured poets on the night : the other two are Adrian Caesar and Jen Webb, both eminent and much awarded. I feel very privileged to be sharing a bill with them.

The reading is part of a year long series of ‘First Wednesday’ poetry nights. Here is the full program as it currently stands – possibly subject to some slight changes.

Wed 3/4 Wanta Jampajinpa, Keith Harrison

Wed 1/5 Charlotte Clutterbuck, Penelope Cottier, Geoff Page

Wed 5/6 Jessica Wilkinson, Alan Gould, Michael Byrne

Wed 3/7 Theodore Ell, Paul Hetherington, Luke Whitington

Fri  12/7 Anthony Lawrence, Alison Clark

Wed 7/8 Nicola Bowery, John Foulcher, Martin Dolan

Wed 4/9 Kerrie Nelson, Harry Laing

Wed 2/10 Penelope Layland, Paul Magee, Judy Johnson

Wed 6/11 Adrian Ceasar, Melinda Smith, Jen Webb

Wed 4/12 Moya Pacey, David Brooks, Bronwyn Lea

I hope to make it along to several of these. If you are in the ‘Berra it would be lovely to see you there.

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