The Invisible Thread

I have been anthologised again. It didn’t hurt a bit.


My city, Canberra is having its centenary this year. In honour of the occasion an anthology of 100 years of Canberra writing has been produced, and I am very proud to be included. The book, edited by the amazingly talented and dedicated Irma Gold, and called ‘The Invisible Thread’, is published by Halstead Press and is available to order from all good bookshops.

Here is a sneak preview of the poem of mine in the anthology, No Bed .

The Invisible Thread has its own YouTube channel, where you can find a really cool book trailer and also interviews with several of the authors whose work appears in the book, including me.

(My interview is here. You may want to read the poem No Bed before viewing the interview – I get asked a few questions about the…er…adult themes in the poem).

The anthology also has its own Facebook page and Twitter feed.

I have been thoroughly enjoying dipping in to my copy of the book. Some old favourites are here : Alan Gould’s ‘The Roof Tilers’….Suzanne Edgar’s ‘Birth Control’…And there are some new discoveries (for me): Dorothy Auchterlonie Green’s marvellously snarky review, ‘Porn Birds’, for one.

There are two sets of readings from The Invisible Thread anthology coming up in Canberra, one on 14 March in Paperchain Bookshop Manuka at 6 for 6.30pm, and one on Sat 23 March in Glebe Park as part of the Village Festival, starting at 5pm and featuring yours truly among a half dozen other authors.

Why not come along to a reading? Or buy the book ? Or both ? Self – interest aside, I can’t recommend it highly enough – it really is a fun and stimulating read.


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