National Poetry Week – Day 2 – BUY

Tuesday 6 September is BUY Australian Poetry day (Day 2 of National Poetry Week).

‘A day devoted to the promotion of buying Australian poetry publications in all their forms: books, chapbooks, ebooks, journals, gift books.’ – @AusPoetry

Like that feeling when you’ve just bought a new book ? Here is an acrostic poem for you:

Between your palms
Unknown, unopened, virgin, ripe
Your little paper secret

In honour of today’s theme I have listed below (in no particular order) some of my favourite books of Australian poetry, along with links to where you can BUY them. Surprise yourself. Consume some poetry today. Conspicuously, even.

Michael Thorley – Sleeping Alone

David Musgrave – Phantom Limb

Jordie Albiston –  Vertigo – a Cantata

Andy Jackson – Among the Regulars

Susan Hampton – News of the Insect World

Sarah Day – Grass Notes

Ross Gillett  – The Sea Factory

Gwen Harwood – Selected Poems

Douglas Stewart – Selected Poems

Francis Webb – Collected Poems

Les Murray  – Subhuman Redneck Poems

Joe Dolce – Hatbox  (yes, the Shaddap-You-Face guy – he writes poems too, and they’re really good !)

Motherlode –  Australian Women’s Poetry 1986 to 2008  

Here are some further links to other things happening for National Poetry Week:

  • The Small Press Underground Networking Community (SPUNC) is celebrating National Poetry Week with a 4 part SPLOG feature on some of their member presses’ books
  • Over at the Crikey blog, Culture-Mulcher is doing a poem a day as well
  • Kathryn Apel is celebrating over at her blog.

For other National Poetry Week activities, see Monday’s post or search the #NPW2011 hashtag on Twitter.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) is SHARE Australian Poetry day.  See you then !


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