National Poetry Week Day 1 – WRITE

Happy National Poetry Week !

This week is National Poetry Week in Australia.

First up, here is a National Poetry Week op-ed from today’s Age, from the appropriately named David Campbell. WordPress is being temperamental at the moment so I will just have to provide the long form link below (rather than doing it the sexy way over the text):

The piece is quite pessimistic about the present and future of poetry. Are you ? I’m not. I think that poetry which is written for an audience has more chance than ever of finding that audience – instantaneously – when they are all using smartphones and iPads. Of course it can be tougher for money to change hands that way – but heaven knows most poets aren’t in it for the money…

Back to the main event though. Each of the five working days in National Poetry Week has been given a theme. Monday’s theme is ‘WRITE’. Here is the blurb from Australian Poetry (@AusPoetry

Monday, 5 September: WRITE Australian poetry day – A day devoted to the promotion of all Australians embracing their inner poet and writing……physically, spatially, digitally, privately, wildly!

In keeping with this theme, here is a freshly-baked-from-scratch (and slightly tongue in cheek) acrostic poem on the word ‘write’.

Why poke this nest;
Reheat this ash;
Inflame this wound;
Trouble this rest?
Even for cash ?

Ok, so you do better ! And link to it from the comments below 🙂

What other folks are doing to celebrate National Poetry Week:

Tomorrow (Tuesday) is BUY Australian Poetry day. See you then!

5 thoughts on “National Poetry Week Day 1 – WRITE

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