Wedding Sonnet

This is an older poem of mine (first published in Pushing thirty, wearing seventeen, 2001) but I’ve had a few requests for it lately so I’m popping it up onto this blog to save me having to email it all over the place. It was originally written for the wedding of a dear friend, but has since been to four or five weddings and is shortly to go to more. If you think you would like to use it at your wedding, please ask me first (using the comments field below).

Wedding Sonnet

I’ll never shed a new light upon ‘love’
– my weeks of feeble flickering outshone
by centuries of flaming words upon
bright pages. Over and above
that fire, I have one tiny spark to cast,
and that’s to testify the truth of this:
the joy lime-lit by all those songs, that bliss,
you give to me each day, from first to last.

Today we marry, bathed both in that glow.
Today we marry, and tonight we leave
this smiling ring of lights, and inch away
to dimmer places fewer torches know
along a winding path. But I believe
two candles are enough to light the way.

(c) Melinda Smith 2001

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