Brain Weather

Here is another draft poem – again I am interested in any comments.


Poetry appearing on this page was produced with the generous support of artsACT

In case you’re wondering, the extra spaces are intentional.

Brain Weather

:autistic meltdown ground zero

Think of                hemispheres:    Western, Left;
the wind-flows                 that connect them; the currents                       of sea; of electricity.

When was  it that             your frontal        lobe
Cauterized          itself against your       will
leaving  you endless       atomised local                   storms
with no way       to blow them    -selves out?

The last words you          said before the clouds came
stutter on            your small           tongue;
settle    in like cat-and    -dog rain, the syllables
hammering down, fixing one      thought with      a dozen stabs of lightning.

The miracle is not that it                stops, but how afterwards you can be so              calm and charming
– and puzzled that the rest of us still        drip and shiver from the rain.

One thought on “Brain Weather

  1. Brilliant – right on the mark!!! Wonderful use of spaces and words – makes total sense to me… One suggestion – perhaps not have any spaces in the last sentence (due to being back to being calm at that point)?? Cheers Fiona

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