Poetry Writing Grant

Happy New Year

It’s been a long time since I last posted – apologies for slackness.  School holidays are a difficult time to pursue one’s own interests.  Now the small people are off being entertained elsewhere, I have my computer back 🙂

Some good news: I have been given a grant from ArtsACT (the local arts funding body) to write poetry one day a week, with the aim of producing a small collection of poems on the theme of autism.  I am very very excited.  Not only is this the first substantial grant I’ve ever received, I’m also really looking forward to producing some (hopefully) moving and funny poems on a subject close to my heart (my eldest son has Autism Spectrum Disorder). Especially because it is a subject on which many many poems have already been produced that are neither moving nor funny.

Part of what I wrote in my grant application was that I would be using this blog to expose / publish drafts of the poems as they come into being.  I will also link this blog to a couple of autism-related facebook communities and see how wide an audience I can get for the poems before they are even in a book.

Update: This book of autism poems now has its own blog, CircleQuirk. Check it out ! You can also follow me on Twitter if you prefer to get your updates that way.


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