Murder at the poetry conference

Murder at the poetry conference

The old pesticide factory
casts a buzz-saw shadow
on the wall of the council chambers.
Inside, the poets sit like aldermen.
They talk of war and genocide,
harrowing themselves silly.
At night they retire to soft floral sheets, flocked wallpaper.  They dream
infinite shelves of books with tilted spines –
M and N shapes staggering away;
leather the colour of blood.

(c) Melinda Smith 2010

Canberra Times, Saturday 26 Feb 2011

5 thoughts on “Murder at the poetry conference

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    • Hello Leon – how wonderful to get such a response from someone whose work I’ve always admired. Thank you very much ! Do you mind me asking how you found my blog, and whether you have one yourself ?

      • After buying your Ginninderra Press books I googled you to see if there was more to read. No, I don’t have a blog.

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