Spring Poetry Festival and poems in November Quadrant

Hello again!  Two bit of news:

Last Friday and Saturday (13th and 14th November 2009) was the Canberra Spring Poetry Festival.  I was able to attend the Friday evening and Saturday morning sessions and had a ball.  I particularly enjoyed the launches of Alan Gould’s and Susan Hampton’s new books (Folk Tunes and News of the Insect World, respectively) and the Saturday session on ‘Bringing Poetry to the Masses’ with John Foulcher, Geoff Page, Lizz Murphy, Harry Laing and Paul Magee.  It was also a chance to catch up with some genuine ‘fans’, still a very new experience for me but not an unpleasant one :-).  The event also made the social pages of the local rag – move over Angelina Jolie, just how much more famous is it possible for me to get ?! 

Secondly: for those of you who like to get stuff for free, I have four poems in this month’s Quadrant magazine, and they are all available free online.   They appear in two groups of two, thus:

At least two of them (Addiction Song and Last Orders) I think I read out at my August 2009 reading at the Gods – so those who were there may remember them vaguely.

All for now – over and out


One thought on “Spring Poetry Festival and poems in November Quadrant

  1. Hi Melinda
    Finally got a chance to have a look at your poems on the Quadrant website. Beautiful. I loved the one about the 4 year old at the beach. You really do have the gift, don’t you!
    love Jo

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