Readings from Undertow 22 Oct 09

I was priveleged to be guest speaker last night at a set of readings from Undertow, the University of Canberra student creative writing anthology for 2009.

The venue was Smith’s Alternative Bookshop (no relation 🙂 ) and the event went very well.  There was wine, sushi, wonderful music from Cathy Petocz and of course engaging performances from the half a dozen students who read their work.

I recommend giving Undertow a read, the standard is very high and there are several pieces I cannot get out of my mind.  The 29 short stoires and poems were chosen from almost 200 submissions so it really is the cream of the crop.  Check out the Facebook page for Undertow, or buy your copy at Smith’s Alternative Bookshop or the Co-op Bookshop.

For the record, my part in proceedings was limited to words of encouragement and ‘tips for young players’.  It felt quite strange to be cast in the ‘elder stateswoman’ role for a change but I suppose my prematurely grey hair does give me some cred in that department  🙂  Anyway, a fine time was had by all, and do check out Undertow if you get the chance.



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